Monday Inspiration #2: Boho Vibes

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! A brand new Monday means brand new inspiration for the week!!! This week I’m feeling super stressed about my Chem labs and upcoming finals, so this week is a little more comfy and relaxed.
Boho Vibes


I hope you all have a great week full of motivation and comfy pants!
I wish you all good luck with whatever you need luck on!!

Fall Playlist 2016

Happy October everyone! Here’s another fall themed post coming your way because fall is the best season ever and also so inspiring. I was thinking about coming up with a name for my fall series, let me know what you guys think in the comments! I’d love to hear what you guys think.

Anyways, something that I mentioned in my last fall blog post, a playlist gets me in the mood to get cozy and sip tea. Music is so powerful, because it can change your attitude, your day and how you feel. Below I have the ten songs I’ve had on repeat since the leaves started changing!

Youtube Playlist

Here’s my playlist one Youtube!

I think these songs are perfect for morning or night, baking pie and just walking around appreciating the crisp air. I’ll most likely be adding more songs to my playlist, but these songs are the foundation for the rest of my fall music inspiration.

If this something you guys want more of, let me know because I had a LOT of fun looking for songs. And of course, if you have any song suggestions for me, let me know because you can never love enough songs.

Have a wonderful day, full of getting things done, great hair and smiles.

Happy Fall!

Life Update!

Okay, so I know I’ve been MIA for a bit here, but I’ve just been really busy I promise! I’ll be back to normal, I’m hoping, in max three weeks time. It’s just been a little bit crazy these last few weeks. Where to begin….

A few weeks ago, I finally paid my college tuition (not fun) and now my bank account is much less than it was. No more fancy coffees for me I guess (sad, sad day for me guys). I actually am starting to feel more adult like, like I can pay taxes, I can call the doctor myself and I can answer emails. unfortunately my mom came with me to pay, which actually turned out to be a good thing since she saved me 200 bucks. Still hard on the ego when your mommy is holding your hand. But no more. I am a college student now!

Well, almost. I don’t start school until the 6th of September, so I have a little bit more freedom.

I also got braces. Don’t really want to talk about it, since I look 12 now, but oh well. I’m told my teeth will be perfect after this. I sure hope so since they hurt like crazy right now. Moving on to happier, less metal things.

My boyfriend, Brendan’s birthday was on the 18th of August, and it was a big one. He recently turned 19, which is the legal drinking age for where we live. So he went out and had lots of fun at the bars and clubs. And then slept for a looong time when he got home, haha.

My birthday was actually yesterday, the 28th of August (I turned 18), but I had to work and am away from home, but I still had fun. Earlier, we had a dinner and pie, then we exchanged gifts and what not (PS- Should I do what I got for my birthday? Or would that be weird? Let me know down below!). It was also my grandmas birthday, we share the same day, so I talked to her a lot and it was nice. I miss her a lot and I am looking forward to seeing her again.

This leads me to the next thing that’s happening in my life: I’m moving back soon! I moved away from home for the summer, but now that summers almost over and fall is on its way (I have lots and lots of fall posts planned, so stay tuned!), I’ll be going home this Sunday. So this means packing and double checking everything. I think I’m going to miss it here, the people I’ve been working for have been such nice people, they made me feel really at home.

I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life, new school, new house, new freedom. I’m excited to see all the new opportunities that will show themselves and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

‘Till Next Time,


Weekend Getaway for Cheap

Alright, so summer is basically over. I know, it suuucks. But you can still have one last kick ass weekend before you are stuck inside all day. Enter this post. The idea is to have fun, but keep it wallet friendly (to buy all the cute stationnary supplies you just have to have).

The idea is to pick somewhere pretty close to you, like maybe like an hour to three away to drive. Then pick some friends to split the minimal costs you might run into. I would suggest keeping it even so that every one has a buddy. So, you’ve got your destination and your buddy. Okay, now what?

  1. Pack Light- You are only going for a weekend, you don’t need the extra shirt, you don’t need your twenty something pillows. Pack smart. Hot Tip: I would pack clothes you can layer if you need (leggings, light tees, sweaters, socks, ext.)
  2. Foooood- When I went on my adventure, we bought food on the way. But pack food. Because eating out is can be pricey (money better spent on other things, like yummy bakery food). We had a camp stove, as well, so maybe think of food you can cook over a fire.
  3. Camp- Hotels, no matter what Trivago says, are more money than free camping. Look up your places municipal camping site or even ask a local while your there. They might have secret kick ass spot only they know. You could even sleep in your car, hell we did. Mind you, we have a truck. in
  4. Info. Center- Check out the towns information center or tourism center to get started on hiking trails, places to eat, places to fish, places to check out. If you really can’t think of anything, I’ve come up with a little list at the end of this post.
  5. Experience the Town- Don’t go into the town expecting it to be just like home. Go in and see what your city doesn’t have. We checked out the mountains, fishing, coffee shops, bakery, museums and streets that our city doesn’t have. We didn’t go to the mall, because just about every mall is the same. Do other stuff.

These tips are just a guideline, feel free to do whatever you want. Shopping more you than fishing, go for it. Make sure, whatever you do, you have a much fun and do as many of things as you can. It’s only a few days, go a little harder and sleep extra hard when you are home.

Here’s that list I promised you. These are some of the things Brendan, my boyfriend and I did while we were on ‘vacation’.

  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Checked out the main strip
  • Enjoyed local coffee shops, bakeries, resturants
  • Swam in local lakes
  • Took lots and lots of pictures
  • Ate ice cream and people watched

I really hope this inspired you to wave summer good bye with one last kick ass weekend with friends. Maybe this can be something you look back at while your are drowning in math homework.

Was this interesting and did it inspire you to travel somewhere new? I really hope so! Please leave me comment to let me know this is something you’d like to see more of! Also, follow me on Instagram and Twitter @ textbooksandtea!

‘Till next time!