Monday Inspiration No. 6: Mixing Patterns

Hello again loves! I know long time no content. I have no excuse, I just lose track of time and do stupid stuff. Plus my computer is piece of poop and is dying on me, so there’s that. But moving on.
With this weeks inspiration comes with a little bit of an update on my life. Things have changed since the last update… First is the outfit though, because it is too cute to put off any longer.
I really like mixing up patterns lately, especially with a statement skirt. This print is a little different but I love it! I like how it’s a little different, not just your typical floral print. The trick to mixing patterns is to have one very bold one and one more subdued. This is to avoid the two patterns to competing for attention in the outfit. Usually when I wear two patterns, I keep the rest of it pretty low key.
Mixing Patterns!


Life update time! I finally finished my first year of college, so go me!!! I passed everything and got it all over with. (Would you guys like to read a post about what I learned? Let me know!) I am working full time and that sucks. But I got promoted so I make more and will have to work less but it does suck working every.
I recently got back into working out and got to the gym. Brendan and I are counting macros and it’s been pretty good so far. Maybe I will let you know how it goes once we get into it a little more. I have seen some progress but it is still a little early to say a full review.
I had dental surgery last week actually. It was  nothing major, I just have stubborn teeth that I have to deal with. But it was my first surgery ever. And I had to get an IV and be knocked out. Which is terrifying. But it was good.
Let me know what kind of content you want because I’ll have lots of time on my hands now and I want to create some great stuff. So let me know!
Hope you guys have a very productive week! Best of luck!