Monday Inspiration No. 6: Mixing Patterns

Hello again loves! I know long time no content. I have no excuse, I just lose track of time and do stupid stuff. Plus my computer is piece of poop and is dying on me, so there’s that. But moving on.
With this weeks inspiration comes with a little bit of an update on my life. Things have changed since the last update… First is the outfit though, because it is too cute to put off any longer.
I really like mixing up patterns lately, especially with a statement skirt. This print is a little different but I love it! I like how it’s a little different, not just your typical floral print. The trick to mixing patterns is to have one very bold one and one more subdued. This is to avoid the two patterns to competing for attention in the outfit. Usually when I wear two patterns, I keep the rest of it pretty low key.
Mixing Patterns!


Life update time! I finally finished my first year of college, so go me!!! I passed everything and got it all over with. (Would you guys like to read a post about what I learned? Let me know!) I am working full time and that sucks. But I got promoted so I make more and will have to work less but it does suck working every.
I recently got back into working out and got to the gym. Brendan and I are counting macros and it’s been pretty good so far. Maybe I will let you know how it goes once we get into it a little more. I have seen some progress but it is still a little early to say a full review.
I had dental surgery last week actually. It was  nothing major, I just have stubborn teeth that I have to deal with. But it was my first surgery ever. And I had to get an IV and be knocked out. Which is terrifying. But it was good.
Let me know what kind of content you want because I’ll have lots of time on my hands now and I want to create some great stuff. So let me know!
Hope you guys have a very productive week! Best of luck!

Monday Inspiration No.5: Sweet & Casual

Hi loves! So sorry I missed last weeks inspiration, but it was Easter Monday and I spent pretty much the entire day with family. But here I am again with more inspiration for you this week!
I know this is a little more summery than some people can have right now, but I actually saw this look in the Papertowns movie. I loooved it. So I thought I would A) Try & recreate the look and B) Show you guys that you can inspiration from literally anything. I remember looking up at the older girls in high school and seeing their cool outfits and trying to recreate them at home for myself. Take a look at magazines, covers of books, movies and of course, Pinterest. If you see a look you really like, don’t be afraid to try it out yourself, it’ll work or you won’t. Maybe it’ll help you finally step out of your comfort zone in fashion.


Recently, I’ve been binge watching Girlboss on Netflix and it has totally inspired me to work harder for my dreams, especially with this blog. Sophia overcame so many obstacles and look at her now. She is such an inspiration for the world of girls we live in today, wanting to create their own business and be the top dog. I highly recommend watching it!
Well that was a wordy right up today, but thank you for reading! I’m hoping to do a life update sooner rather than later so that you guys know what’s going on and where I’ve been.
Good luck this week and don’t be afraid to step out of comfort zone guys!

Monday Inspiration No. 4 : Exams

Hi loves! I know this is a late post but I have been studying (well sort of) for my Chem final. My friend also just got back from Australia and I finally got to catch up with her, so I apologise.
I actually saw a girl wearing something really similar to this early today and thought she killed it, so here I am sharing it with all of you to kill as well.
I know it is really casual look but that’s what I’ve been feeling lately for studying. I like the socks and sandals in this case because they are cute sock and should be shown off.
lazy day


Now to finish up my studying….. sen help…
Best of luck this coming week!!!!

Inpiration Monday #3: Lace Love

Happy Monday loves! Another Monday means another weekly inspiration! This Monday has already been hellish and it’s only noon. I slept in late, lost my glasses and then to top it all off, Starbucks didn’t have any cold brew coffee. Now, I am attempting to finish my lab write up, a Bio assigment and start my English essay. Wish me luck!!!
Lace Love


 This week I have two lab finals, an essay due, an English final exam and finals are on the horizon. I am so excited for college to done with. I just want to work and create content for you guys because I am seriously so tired of lectures, labs and homework.
But enough about me, I hope you all have a kick ass week where you finish everything before the day its due and you have flawless outfits Monday to Friday because you deserve it!
Leave me a comment down below about you’re craziest week. I’d love to distract myself and procrastinate all the work I still need to do.

Spring 2017 Favourites

Hey everyone! I hope you all are well and enjoying the fresh spring air! I know I am finally! Th snow here seems to have finally started to melt away and I can start think about summer. While I have been enjoying the spring weather, there are still days where it is still winter. Luckily, there are a few thing that I have been really into that are helping combat the winter grey that I’m still feeling.

Coconut Leaves Candle 

Coconut Leaves from Bath and Body Works

This scent is actually my favourite scent from Bath and Body Works. My mom got me this candle like 3 or 4 years ago and they finally brought it back. I went and bought like 200 of them. This candle is the best because it makes me think of my trip last year, where I was sitting in a lounge chair, with salty hair, counting my seashells under a palm tree. Basically, just a tropical vacation in a container. Another really great thing is the colour of the candle really pops in such a dirty grey landscape that is Canada right now.

Coconut Leaves

Furla Frames 

I recently got new frames and I looove this ones. I put them on and I went hell, yes these are mine. Shut up and take my money. I like how they are the perfect mix of feminine and classic, which is exactly what I wanted. The inside is a really pale rose pink that brings out the feminine vibes. It is kinda hard to tell, but there is a little cateye to the frames, which I think is just super cute.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find them online. But I got mine form Costco

Guess Jeans

Guess Jeans

These jeans are so great for spring! They feel fresh and unique and just overall just really awesome jeans. I like to roll them up a little bit to show off my super adorable shoes. I like how they are pretty basic blue jeans, but just the added texture and colour from the patch just makes them so much more fun.

I was unable to find these online as well. I know I’m failing this whole blogging game.

Pretty As A Peach Body Wash

Pretty As A Peach

I really like to, with every new season, give myself a new smell that I go to for that season. This spring, I’m really loving the Pretty As A Peach  smell from Bath and Body Works (I know, another Bath and Body Works product. I need to branch out, I know). I use the body wash on a regular basis in the shower and the bubble bath pretty much whenever I take a bath. I really want to get the spray and the body scrum and the body lotion. Basically, I want it all.

Pretty As A Peach

 Steve Madden Shoes

Steve Madden Shoes

YOU GUYS! I saw these shoes like a month ago at Winners/Marshall’s and I regreted buying them. Like you know the commercial. That was me. So much regret. BUT I went back there earlier this week and the single pair that was left were my size. The fashion Gods blessed me with these shoes. I mean they are different, kinda like a shoe mullet. But sparkly and cute and fantastic.

Another mysterious fashion fin that I can’t seem to find. But I tried to find some similar ones.

Gold  Black Snake

Fishtail Braids 

Spring Outfit

As many of you know, I wear my hair in a braid almost 90% of the time. My hair is out of my face and looks somewhat cute (depending on how crazy my day is going) so it’s my go to. But in the spring time, I like to put my hair in fishtail braids instead of a regular old braid. Honestly though, putting my hair in a fishtail braid is usally hit or miss. Some days it looks super cute and perfect. Other days, I  try  3 or 4 times to get it right and it never works. My tip to perfect fishtail braid is to use as dirty, dry shampoo filled hair as you can manage, like on the verge of three days for me. And lots of texture spray and dry shampoo.

And there we have the things that I have been loving for the new spring season! I have been obviously reaching for fresh and fun products to finally get ride of the winter blues. I am so looking forward to all the snow being gone and I can start wearing sandals and dresses again!!

I hope you all have a great spring and enjoy all the lovely sunshine that’s coming your way! Let me know what you guys are loving from spring time!


Monday Inspiration #2: Boho Vibes

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! A brand new Monday means brand new inspiration for the week!!! This week I’m feeling super stressed about my Chem labs and upcoming finals, so this week is a little more comfy and relaxed.
Boho Vibes


I hope you all have a great week full of motivation and comfy pants!
I wish you all good luck with whatever you need luck on!!

Monday Inspiration #1: Spring Fever!

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to start something new on here. I took inspiration from Rach Parcell from Pink Peonies  and Wednesdays, she posts new inspirational Polyvore creations, depending on what she is liking and into lately. So I’ve decided to do this every Monday, to start the week off with some inspiration. My hope is that you guys can use this outfit that I make as a guide to style yourself through the week.


This week I have some serious spring fever! All I want is to wear cute summer dresses and shoes that don’t require socks any longer! This outfit in particular is little too spring for the weather I currently have, but I’m hoping to incorporate some of these aspects into my looks this week!
 I hope you guys like this new feature that I’m hoping to do every week! Let me know if this is something you will look forward too or not. I know I am looking forward to creating next weeks inspiration already!
Hope you all have a good week!


So, as a conclusion to my gift guides, I’ve come up with a list of little gifts that could find themselves in stocking or under the tree. They are generally unisex, but some are a little bias. Without further, let’s get into this!

  1. Socks: Everybody’s got feet, and everybody needs socks. I personally can never have enough funny socks.
  2. Sunglasses: Just because it’s getting dark earlier now doesn’t mean that we can’t think about the sun. Sunglasses are always fun to get.
  3. Key Chain: It could be a pom pom one for a girl or a unique leather one for guy, there are so many unique key chains out there.
  4. Phone Case: There are so many adorable cool phone cases out there and they make an awesome stocking stuff.
  5. Wallet: There are tons of wallets out there could be perfect for whoever you are shopping for.
  6. Chocolate/Candy: As always, you gotta have candy in your stocking. My favourites are Lindt and Skittles
  7. CD/DVD: I know in the age of Spotify and Netflix, who needs CDs and DVDs, but these are still cool to have.
  8. Makeup: Drug store makeup is nice to stick in stocking, especially a product or shade they’ve never used before.
  9. Face/Body Wash: A sweet smelling body wash or face wash is always a nice thought.
  10. Gift Cards: A few suggestions would be to get a facial, hair cut, Bath and Body Works, Starbucks, Urban Outfitters, and iTunes.
  11. Journal: I love to write in my journals and I have a huge collection of notebooks, so maybe I’m a little bias…
  12. Pencils:  They have some that are drumsticks that would be cool for a music lover or ones that say cute sayings on them would be cool for a lady boss.
  13. Hair Products: Both guys and girls use product on their hair, so why not grab an extra thing of gel for them this season?
  14. Flask: There are so many funny flasks out there that have funny sayings on them that would make hilarious stocking stuffers.
  15. Pocket Knife: Not for everyone, but still a pretty useful tool.
  16. Deodorant: Lame, I know, but no one wants to smell bad!
  17. Bracelet/Jewellery: Of course, this shouldn’t be diamond earrings, but a cute leather bracelet or a nice necklace is always a nice gift.
  18. Underpants: Basic, once again, but everybody needs ’em.
  19. Tea or Coffee or Hot Chocolate: Always nice to have a cup on Christmas morning.
  20.  Mini Hockey Sticks/Hockey Pucks: If they are a hockey lover, these are always nice to open. If they play volley ball, maybe new knee pads or socks.
  21. Music ‘Things’: If they are into music, guitar picks, strings, are super nice to get to get the music lover.
  22. Cosmetic Bag/Shower Bag: There are some super funny cosmetic bags out there that would fit super nicely.
  23. Ornament: This is sort of tradition my family does every year and we give each other an ornament that sort of sums up the year.
  24. Charging Cords: I always seem to lose or break my charging cords, so these are always nice to have extra ones.
  25. Travel Board Games: I know these are a little  silly, but they are super funny!

I hope you guys liked my gift guide! Make sure to check out my holiday gift guide for her and for him! Leave a comment if you guys enjoyed these gift guides! I’m hoping to make this a tradition every year, to do a gift guide for her, him and stocking stuffers! Would you guys like to see what I gave for Christmas or what I got for Christmas? If so let me know!

Anyways, happy holidays! I hope you’re family is well and you are happy and well!!!



‘Tis the season! Last we talked, I was discussion what to get your friend, sister, girl friend, or mom for the holidays. Now, I’m going to share 25 things to get your friend, brother, boyfriend, dad or who ever for the holidays.

Again, like last time, these could be for girls or guys, but I’ve tried to come up with some stuff guys would like. I’ve asked my brothers, Brendan and my dad if they would like any of these gifts.

  1. A FitBit: I don’t really know why, but I feel like every guy just needs a FitBit. They look super good and are practical.
  2. Shaving Kit: Most guys have to shave, so a nice, luxurious shaving kit is always a good idea.
  3. A Robe: Most of the guys I know sleep in underwear or shirtless at least, so a robe is usually perfect for these winter months.
  4. Apple Music: I think this would be perfect, especially for a brother, because that’s all my brothers seem to do lately, so unlimited music seems like a win.
  5. Sweaters: Especially for boyfriends, a sweater is really a gift for him, but one you can steal later on…
  6. Cologne/Spray: Every guy needs their ‘signature smell’, so a spray or cologne is something most guys would be happy to get.
  7. Video Games: My brothers, boyfriend AND Dad all play video games pretty regularly (This year Titanfall and Battlefield are the top picks, according to Brendan)
  8. Sweatpants: Everyone needs a nice pair of pants for Sunday’s where you don’t want to do anything but watch cartoons and relax.
  9. Workout Bag: If your guy really likes sports, a cool idea would be to fill up a workout bag with a water bottle, maybe some shorts and a workout shirt.
  10. Sports Swag: What die hard fan doesn’t want gear that supports their team? None.
  11. Shoes: Nothing can make a guy look classy better than a pair of nice shoes. Make sure you know his size and style!
  12. Gift Box: You pick a theme, it could be an activity or something, and then you put together whatever they would need for this activity. This year, Brendan is giving my dad a gift box for hockey.
  13. Outdoor Supplies: A good backpack or a sleeping bag is a great addition to any adventure seeking guy.
  14. Personalised Book: This one more aimed at a long term boyfriend, but I still think it’s super cute. You can make one at Here at Lovebook. Super cute idea and super personal!
  15. Underpants: They need ’em and a luxurious pair of underpants are always nice to get.
  16. A Nerf Gun: This is something that my brother’s would get every year and I think this year we should revamp it for older guys.
  17. Mini Fridge: What guy doesn’t want a mini fridge? I know it’s a little big, but if you could get a deal it would be a unique gift.
  18. Laptop Bag & Stickers: If he’s a techie, a nice leather bag and some stickers to personalise their computer are nice gift.
  19. Shirt: Again, another gift for him that could be for you too, is a shirt that expressed his personality and quirks.
  20. French Press & Quirky Mug: Coffee is a lot of people’s lifeline, so a nice french press and a cute mug are always nice.
  21. Card Against Humanity: I love this game, and it’s a little raunchy but so much fun! I know my brothers have this on their list.
  22. Extra Charger: These can vary in price, but a nice little gift for a techie person. These come in variety of colours and fun shapes.
  23. Penny Board: A gift for a more coordinated guy that likes to skateboard. These are smaller boards that come in all sorts of different designs.
  24. Apple TV: Perfect for the techie of the family.
  25. Something Handmade: If all else fails, something you make, like cookies or pyjamas is always nice. They usually love whatever you make

These are just some ideas of what you could get the man in your life. If you think of any other great ideas you think they would like, comment! I tried to keep in mind the different types of guys there are out there. Happy Holidays!

PS: Stay tuned for my stocking stuffer ideas! Coming soon!



As we get closer and closer to Christmas, I’m finding it harder and harder to think up gift ideas. So, I figured I would make up a gift guide for anyone out there like me who is having a hard time with ideas. I’m going to do three gift guide: for her, one for him and stocking stuffer ideas.

A gift guide for her is really any girl in your life: sister, best friend, mom, girlfriend, grandmas, and aunt, whatever. I created this list with girls in min, but they could be for anyone you can think of.

  1. Cute Christmas PJS: You can never have enough PJs and Christmas time is just fantastic, so why not have a cute pair of PJs that you can lounge around in after unwrapping gifts?
  2. Bath Stuff: I only recently really got into bath bombs and bubble baths, but I love them. Lush is great for this ones, especially Lush and Bath and Body works.
  3. Candles: What makes a house cozier than candles?
  4. Makeup Brushes: I really need a new set of brushes and a feel like a girl can never have too many makeup brushes.
  5. Lipstick Kits: If the person you’re shopping for loves a good lipstick, you can never go wrong with a new lippie. It could even become their new favourite.
  6. A Subscription: Subscriptions have become a new trend and I see one almost every day that I want to sign up for.
  7. Cardigans/Sweaters: Where I live, it’s freezing almost all the time in the winter, so I can’t seem to get enough sweaters and cardigans. Old Navy is my number one spot for sweaters and I’ve really like Ricki’s/Bootleger for cardigans.
  8. Gloves and a Beanie: I got this last year for Christmas from Brendan’s mom and it was awesome. My dog actually decided to adopt my gloves as a chew toy, but I really liked them while they lasted.
  9. A Style Book: If the someone who is really into fashion, a style book is always a good idea (I really like Lauren Conrad’s Style) but really any book is a good idea.
  10. Slippers: Slippers are necessary for me year round, but even more so for winter time (I have two pairs!)
  11. Onesie: I have wanted a huge oversized onesie for ever! I want one that’s either Christmas themed or one with a reindeer on it.
  12. New Underwear: I have so many pairs of underwear and I still want more, so if you aren’t weirded out by it, underwear is a safe bet.
  13. New Cup/To Go Mug: Starbucks has some of the cutest to go mugs every year and every year, my friends and I oogle over them. David’s tea has some super cute ones as well.
  14. A Planner: I’m a huge planner girl. I decorate mine, write everything down it and use it like my Bible. Best. Thing. Ever. Band.o always has really cute ones, as well as Kate Spade.
  15. A Tray: I know that’s super vague, but I have one of those trays that can sit on your bed or coffee table last year for Christmas from Mr. B. In mine, Brendan added pictures of us in it, which is a cute touch, and I love it to death. I can put my essentials in it and anything else that I want. Super great idea that you can personalise as well.
  16. New Tote/Purse: These things come in handy all the time. I’ve been really liking the new leather totes in colours such as black, grey, and blush pink.
  17. Hunter Boots: I really want Hunter boots because they are so cute! They are also really practical for winter because of snow-slush situations.
  18. Pillows: Cozy pillows make rooms so much cuter for winter time!
  19. Cute Decor: A few years ago, I got some decor items for Christmas and it was awesome! It opened up my thoughts about what to decorate my room.
  20. Wireless Speakers or Headphone: These are actually on my on my list this year because I listen to music everyday, so they might as well be cute ones.
  21. A Fake Fur Rug/Blanket: These are super trendy right now and for goo reason! They are super cute and cozy for winter and all the time.
  22. A Polaroid Camera: These are super cool! You can snap a picture of Christmas morning it’s instantly there. Be sure to involve extra film.
  23. A Teapot: I drink about 400 cups of tea a day and I recently bought a tea pot and it’s made my life 10 times easier. A super cute one in her favourite colour is a great idea!
  24. Makeup Gift Set: Companies are the best this time of year for making huge gift sets for the makeup lovers of the world. This year, I’ve been eyeing up the Marc Jacobs gift sets, as well Sephora.
  25. Jewellery Box: I got one of these lasts year and they are super great for storage and not to mention they look super cute.

Well there we go! A quick 25 gift ideas that your friend, sister, mom, girlfriend, grandma, coworker, whoever would love to unwrap this holiday season! Coming soon is the gift guide for him and the stocking stuffer ideas!

I hope you all have a wonderful day/night/afternoon/morning and remember that you are capable of great things! A happy holidays from mine to yours!


Fall Playlist 2016

Happy October everyone! Here’s another fall themed post coming your way because fall is the best season ever and also so inspiring. I was thinking about coming up with a name for my fall series, let me know what you guys think in the comments! I’d love to hear what you guys think.

Anyways, something that I mentioned in my last fall blog post, a playlist gets me in the mood to get cozy and sip tea. Music is so powerful, because it can change your attitude, your day and how you feel. Below I have the ten songs I’ve had on repeat since the leaves started changing!

Youtube Playlist

Here’s my playlist one Youtube!

I think these songs are perfect for morning or night, baking pie and just walking around appreciating the crisp air. I’ll most likely be adding more songs to my playlist, but these songs are the foundation for the rest of my fall music inspiration.

If this something you guys want more of, let me know because I had a LOT of fun looking for songs. And of course, if you have any song suggestions for me, let me know because you can never love enough songs.

Have a wonderful day, full of getting things done, great hair and smiles.

Happy Fall!