Monday Inspiration No.5: Sweet & Casual

Hi loves! So sorry I missed last weeks inspiration, but it was Easter Monday and I spent pretty much the entire day with family. But here I am again with more inspiration for you this week!
I know this is a little more summery than some people can have right now, but I actually saw this look in the Papertowns movie. I loooved it. So I thought I would A) Try & recreate the look and B) Show you guys that you can inspiration from literally anything. I remember looking up at the older girls in high school and seeing their cool outfits and trying to recreate them at home for myself. Take a look at magazines, covers of books, movies and of course, Pinterest. If you see a look you really like, don’t be afraid to try it out yourself, it’ll work or you won’t. Maybe it’ll help you finally step out of your comfort zone in fashion.


Recently, I’ve been binge watching Girlboss on Netflix and it has totally inspired me to work harder for my dreams, especially with this blog. Sophia overcame so many obstacles and look at her now. She is such an inspiration for the world of girls we live in today, wanting to create their own business and be the top dog. I highly recommend watching it!
Well that was a wordy right up today, but thank you for reading! I’m hoping to do a life update sooner rather than later so that you guys know what’s going on and where I’ve been.
Good luck this week and don’t be afraid to step out of comfort zone guys!