8 Fall Essentials!

Okay, so before one Debbie Downer points out to me that it is still September, I would just like to clarify that it’s been really looking like fall where I live since late August. This post is perfectly times if you live where I live. But I do understand that it is September and that we shouldn’t have pumpkin on the brain until October, but that isn’t going to stop me from writing this post. Well glad I got that out of the way.

Now for my list of essentials that every person needs in fall. To be honest, this is me like 85% of the time, but this one involves more pumpkin than usual. I’ve made this way more complex than it needed to be, so let’s jump on in.

FALL PLAYLIST! How else are you supposed to feel like breaking out the candles and tea drinking if you can’t have the right jams for it? I know music is a HUGE thing in my life. I use it to study, wake me up, and of course, set the mood. I have a whole post coming soon of my fall playlist must haves, but for now, here are some 8 track playlists I’ve been digging for autumn.

http://8tracks.com/julieglitterfck/a-pumpkin-spiced-love-story-pt-ii  and http://8tracks.com/crimeofrhyme/autumnal

Warm Apple Pie from Bath and Body works! Smells soo good! Also, my cute owl socks.

CANDLES! Everyone always freaks out when Bath and Body works brings out their fall collection. The only thing that sort of sucks is that every single candle is pumpkin scented, which I am not a huge fan of. Luckily I found this gem in Bath and Body works and it smells just like homemade apple pie my mom makes. I really liked Leaves by them as well, but I haven’t gotten it yet. If you have a Bath and Body works near you, strongly recommend these two!

Links to both of these candles: Leaves- http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/product/index.jsp?productId=99199226&cp=12586994.12936192.4147333 Warm Apple Pie- http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/product/index.jsp?productId=102425176&cp=12586994.12936192.4147333 *I forgot to mention this one but it’s yummy for Halloween. Boo- http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/product/index.jsp?productId=99199136&cp=12586994.12936192.10787117

COZY SOCKS! Socks are a must anyways for winter, why can’t they be like super fuzzy and soft and pretty much just a hug for feet? I got some super soft socks from Bath and Body works last year that have a little fox on them, and this year I picked up two more pairs of these fantastic socks. They are like 8 bucks usually, and I know that’s a lot for socks. These things are so incredible, I think they are totally worth it. They have grips are almost like slippers.

Link for softest socks ever (all five selections are here!)- http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/search/index.jsp?kwCatId=&kw=socks&origkw=socks&sr=1

Lush always has the BEST bath stuff. And their products are against animal testing and use natural ingredients, so they’re products you can feel good about, too

BATHS! Honestly I usually only take a bath when I’m a little stressed when school comes around and I became stressed. I got a bath oil thing from Lush that smells like vanilla and it’s so yummy. I think it’s supposed to make me all soft and such, but honestly, I just need to bath to zen out. And I got this other bath bomb from Lush, it sort of smells like vanilla, but also like oatmeal. Either way, it seems soothing, something I’m going to need to combat this semester.

SWEATERS! It’s going get cold and what better way to keep warm than to snuggle up in a cute knit sweater or crewneck? Confession time: I love Old Navy for sweaters because A) They are usually super trendy and B) They cost like 15 bucks so I can buy them all. I have like 4 or 5 sweaters from Old Navy and I wear them like all the time. Another place I really like sweaters from is Roots (actually currently wearing one from there. Ooops). I’m pretty sure that they are a Canadian company, but they might ship to other places I don’t know. Either way their sweaters are super soft, cozy and pretty much a fall staple in anyone’s closet.

I like this one http://oldnavy.gapcanada.ca/browse/product.do?cid=60790&vid=1&pid=274801003 and this one http://oldnavy.gapcanada.ca/browse/product.do?cid=60790&vid=1&pid=284786033 Here’s Roots website- http://roots.com/

These cookies are seriously so good. And look at all that good stuff on the wrapper? Guilt free cookies????

COOKIES! Okay, so these aren’t really a fall essential, but like a life essential. My grandma actually showed me these cookies and I am obsessed with them. I usually just eat them when I get all my homework done for the night, because I need #motivation to get through physics. They are from Leclerc, and they are soo good. They are even like ‘health’ cookies, like they have quinoa and they are even organic. So bonus.


Dutch braid to hide greasy roots and hella messy bangs + cute scarf = I slept in and still look cute.

BRAIDS! I wear my hair in a braid like 74.34% of the time, but fall is just a time I wear them more often. I just put my hair in a Dutch braid, which is just an inverse regular French braid. I incorporated my bangs because they were hella messy. I’ve linked a tutorial for just a regular Dutch braid.


A teacup, some pine cones and a sweater. Could this get anymore fall? Probably.

TEA! If you guys only take one thing away from this, it should be this one. Tea is my blood type. It’s like a warm hug and a pat on the back for getting up. But once a year the cream de la cream of teas comes out and my friend and I freak out. It’s Pumpkin Chai from David’s Tea and it is a god sent. If you add brown sugar and tons of milk, it tastes like pumpkin pie and it’s just glorious. This tea is actually the only pumpkin flavoured thing I really get into for fall. I tried the blueberry muffin one they have this year as well and it’s pretty good, too. But Pumpkin Chai is just so incredible. You have to have to try this tea.

PUMPKIN CHAI (!!!!) https://www.davidstea.com/ca_en/pumpkin-chai-black-tea/  and their other yummy fall teas https://www.davidstea.com/ca_en/fall-collection/view-all-fall-collection/


Okay well that list was longer than I expected but you gotta go all out for fall. This is just what I think of when fall rolls around. Let me know what you guys need for fall! Recommendations are totally welcome!!

‘Till Next Time,



Life Update!

Okay, so I know I’ve been MIA for a bit here, but I’ve just been really busy I promise! I’ll be back to normal, I’m hoping, in max three weeks time. It’s just been a little bit crazy these last few weeks. Where to begin….

A few weeks ago, I finally paid my college tuition (not fun) and now my bank account is much less than it was. No more fancy coffees for me I guess (sad, sad day for me guys). I actually am starting to feel more adult like, like I can pay taxes, I can call the doctor myself and I can answer emails. unfortunately my mom came with me to pay, which actually turned out to be a good thing since she saved me 200 bucks. Still hard on the ego when your mommy is holding your hand. But no more. I am a college student now!

Well, almost. I don’t start school until the 6th of September, so I have a little bit more freedom.

I also got braces. Don’t really want to talk about it, since I look 12 now, but oh well. I’m told my teeth will be perfect after this. I sure hope so since they hurt like crazy right now. Moving on to happier, less metal things.

My boyfriend, Brendan’s birthday was on the 18th of August, and it was a big one. He recently turned 19, which is the legal drinking age for where we live. So he went out and had lots of fun at the bars and clubs. And then slept for a looong time when he got home, haha.

My birthday was actually yesterday, the 28th of August (I turned 18), but I had to work and am away from home, but I still had fun. Earlier, we had a dinner and pie, then we exchanged gifts and what not (PS- Should I do what I got for my birthday? Or would that be weird? Let me know down below!). It was also my grandmas birthday, we share the same day, so I talked to her a lot and it was nice. I miss her a lot and I am looking forward to seeing her again.

This leads me to the next thing that’s happening in my life: I’m moving back soon! I moved away from home for the summer, but now that summers almost over and fall is on its way (I have lots and lots of fall posts planned, so stay tuned!), I’ll be going home this Sunday. So this means packing and double checking everything. I think I’m going to miss it here, the people I’ve been working for have been such nice people, they made me feel really at home.

I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life, new school, new house, new freedom. I’m excited to see all the new opportunities that will show themselves and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

‘Till Next Time,


Weekend Getaway for Cheap

Alright, so summer is basically over. I know, it suuucks. But you can still have one last kick ass weekend before you are stuck inside all day. Enter this post. The idea is to have fun, but keep it wallet friendly (to buy all the cute stationnary supplies you just have to have).

The idea is to pick somewhere pretty close to you, like maybe like an hour to three away to drive. Then pick some friends to split the minimal costs you might run into. I would suggest keeping it even so that every one has a buddy. So, you’ve got your destination and your buddy. Okay, now what?

  1. Pack Light- You are only going for a weekend, you don’t need the extra shirt, you don’t need your twenty something pillows. Pack smart. Hot Tip: I would pack clothes you can layer if you need (leggings, light tees, sweaters, socks, ext.)
  2. Foooood- When I went on my adventure, we bought food on the way. But pack food. Because eating out is can be pricey (money better spent on other things, like yummy bakery food). We had a camp stove, as well, so maybe think of food you can cook over a fire.
  3. Camp- Hotels, no matter what Trivago says, are more money than free camping. Look up your places municipal camping site or even ask a local while your there. They might have secret kick ass spot only they know. You could even sleep in your car, hell we did. Mind you, we have a truck. in
  4. Info. Center- Check out the towns information center or tourism center to get started on hiking trails, places to eat, places to fish, places to check out. If you really can’t think of anything, I’ve come up with a little list at the end of this post.
  5. Experience the Town- Don’t go into the town expecting it to be just like home. Go in and see what your city doesn’t have. We checked out the mountains, fishing, coffee shops, bakery, museums and streets that our city doesn’t have. We didn’t go to the mall, because just about every mall is the same. Do other stuff.

These tips are just a guideline, feel free to do whatever you want. Shopping more you than fishing, go for it. Make sure, whatever you do, you have a much fun and do as many of things as you can. It’s only a few days, go a little harder and sleep extra hard when you are home.

Here’s that list I promised you. These are some of the things Brendan, my boyfriend and I did while we were on ‘vacation’.

  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Checked out the main strip
  • Enjoyed local coffee shops, bakeries, resturants
  • Swam in local lakes
  • Took lots and lots of pictures
  • Ate ice cream and people watched

I really hope this inspired you to wave summer good bye with one last kick ass weekend with friends. Maybe this can be something you look back at while your are drowning in math homework.

Was this interesting and did it inspire you to travel somewhere new? I really hope so! Please leave me comment to let me know this is something you’d like to see more of! Also, follow me on Instagram and Twitter @ textbooksandtea!

‘Till next time!



Get an A Using Pinterest!


You know, it’s never too early to be thinking about school. I know what you are thinking, I still have like a month left of summer, but school is like a cheetah and it’ll sneak up on you and the next thing you know, you’re being suffocated by tests, projects and quizzes  (oh my!) and you won’t have hardly any time to think. So, be like Hermione Granger and prepare early so that you can chill with you friends and not drown in your flash cards.

But like I did say, you do still have a while, so we won’t jump in just yet with all the flash cards and rewriting notes and blah. But we will start with some motivation to get you through those times when you think, “Why am I doing this now? I still have months to go!” Plus, you get to go on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google; so I mean, it’s not really school work. You are going to need…

  • A cork board (around $15)
  • A colour printer (I just went to staples to print them and it was like 5 bucks)
  • Scissors
  • Pins

And that’s it!

I bet you’d like to know what kind of motivational thing could be found on your cellphone, because, like, isn’t it a distraction? Yes, yes it is. So you should probably set a timer for 15 minutes at a time (or don’t and waste your entire afternoon because that’s totally what I did). I recommend that you set a timer for 15 minutes at a time and use the Pomodoro technique. Basically, for 15 minutes, you’re going to something that you actually have to get done, like an essay or laundry, whatever. So you do that for 15 minutes and once the timer goes off you set it again and you work on this awesome motivation thing for 15.

This awesome motivation thing that I’ve been going on for is a bulletin board full of funny and/or motivation pictures that you put in the area that you do your homework in that you will see every day. That way, if you do look up from the boring math question you’ve been working on for 6 hours, you have something that will make you laugh a little but will also keep you focused on school. You can google funny study memes, if that’s what you want on your board, or pictures of glorious desk with perfect notes and Macs on them or pretty quotes that will remind you that what you’re doing is worth it in the end. Spend the next 15 minutes looking at your motivational whatnot and save whatever you like. Once the 15 minutes is up, go back to what you were doing before and continue the cycle of 15 work and 15 fun until you’re done with both


Here’s a cute idea of what you could put on your board.

Once you think that you have enough motivational pictures, open up a word document (or pages or whatever) and start putting those pictures onto the page. You could make them all the same size if you wanted, but mine are all different so you do you.  You need quite a few depending on how big your bulletin board is. On my 24X16 in board, I used 20 in a variety of sizes. Also, a warning: make sure you leave some space between pictures so that you can cut them out after, and not have little strips from other pictures on the edges

Next, save the document and print it out. Then cut out the pictures and make them into a pile. Here, you could go a few different ways, depending on what you like. You could grab some paint and a paint brush and paint the bulletin board a different colour or put some ribbon around the edges of it with a hot glue gun to add some pretty details. I didn’t do this but I know it would look awesome so it might be something to try.

The next step is to start actually putting the pictures onto the cork board. I don’t think you guys need much explanation on how to do that, but basically put the pictures on their how you like without the pins (so that you can move it around easily). If you are totally happy with your creation, go ahead and pin them on and voila! You’re done! You could hang it up or just rest it on the edge of your desk again the wall, like I did. I always try to switch up my pictures every couple of months just
because it get a little boring to look at the same thing every day but that’s just me.


I hope this will get you in the mood to start thinking about thehell hole called school that is creeping up slowly on you. If you think it’s still too soon, I really hope that it helps you focus on your homework and not the cutie who sits near you in math (although I did have a picture of Ryan Gosling on mine so…).

If you find this helpful at all, let me know and comment or like it. If you think I’m crazy for posting this so soon, give me a thumbs up. Hey, and if you have Pinterest, hit that follow button because I am obsessed with it and would love to procrastinate with you. And finally, if you like this sort of thing, let me know and I can do more. Actually, if anyone has some new ideas for Back to School stuff, let me know, I would super be down to do them!

Anyways, GOOD LUCK!


Here’s how I styled my inspiration board on my desk at home. It’s an easy DIY for Back to School.

(SIDE NOTE: If you have troubles actually wanting to get to work, listen up! During this bulletin board project, I discovered a marvelous little tag called ‘studyspo’ and with it a whole world of motivation for school and studying. I found myself looking at these pictures and wanting my notes to look like that. I still go onto Pinterest to look at the ‘studyspo’ spot and it gets me actually in the mood to do work)

About Me!

SoooOOOOooo you want to know what I’m all about, huh? Okay, I’ll try to describe who I am to you. But be warned, I suck at writing about myself.

I’m new to this whole world of internet blogging and vlogging and what not. But my boyfriend, Brendan, and I are trying to figure it out to share with lovely people like you. I also wanted to create a fashion and lifestyle blog because I saw people online and all over YouTube doing awesome stuff and I wanted to do it, too. So here we are. But that’s just telling you really what I’m doing here, but not really about myself. So here’s 10 random facts about me.

  1. I love TEA. Like LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. It’s practically my blood type.
  2. I’m not a huge fan of winter, but I live in Canada so that’s unavoidable. My heart is in Miami but my body stuck freezing. But tea helps.
  3. I’ve been writing since I was like two. We’ll, okay, not writing really since I didn’t know the alphabet, but I scribbled on every line and I would tell myself the story as I went. So there’s that.
  4. But my spelling is horrible. Honestly, the only reason this might come out with no grammar or spelling mistakes is because of handy-dandy autocorrect and Brendan has proof read this so I don’t look like an idiot. My spelling probably sucks because I learned how to spell in French before in English so that probably stunted my vocabulary.
  5. I would love to go school to become a biology teacher. But what I think I’d love to take pictures of cool people and places more than teach kids that the mitochondria is the power house of the cell. So taking pictures is the dream but I’d be perfectly content with teaching.
  6. I’m kind of obsessed with clothes. Like I have a walk-in closet more than filled and I still find myself looking for more stuff every day. But that’s fashion for you, every day there’s something new to want and to style. I’d probably consider girly-indie look depending on the day. Some days I’m just lazy. Okay, maybe most days.
  7. I spent way too much time online. Like I have 10 G of data to share between my 2 brothers and I, and everyone month I go over because of Pinterest of Instagram or something. But there’s just too many cute outfits to pin and people to stalk.
  8. I over think things a lot. Most of my time alone is spent with me thinking. It could be new post ideas, things I haven’t done yet, the future, whatever. My brain is constantly moving and thinking up new stuff. Also usually scaring myself about certain things.
  9. Brendan says I’m individual. Also that I’m very self-sufficient. But it would seem that I’m not self-sufficient enough to come up with 10 random facts about me. I’m most likely over thinking again.
  10. I’m kinda OD, Obsessive-Disorder. I would say OCD but sometimes I’m not compelled to do much of anything. I’m obsessive in the way that my room is or that I can see my to-do list clearly. Like when I get around to showing my planner on here, you’ll see what I mean.

There we go. 10 random facts about me. Which was a lot harder than I originally thought.

If you guys would like to know why we decided to start all this (all this being the YouTube and blog), let me know and I can put all that together for you guys. And I’ll make sure Brendan proof reads it, too.

Thanks for reading my very awkward about me!