5 Youtubers I am Obsessed With

The bags under my eyes aren’t just from the labs I’ve put off for a week, but also the many many hours I spend watching Youtube videos. They say the first thing you need to do in rehabilitation is accepting you have a problem: I am addicted to Youtube.

And being addicted to Youtube, I have a few (hundred) people I watch on a regular basis, and I’ve made a list of them so you can all become addicted like me ūüôā Maybe you’ve heard of them already, maybe you haven’t (and if you have comment down below any similar ones so I can check them out, too). Either way, these are the people I watch far too often.

Aspyn Ovard Ferris

1- Aspyn Ovard Ferris- Aspyn is currently doing what my dream job, running an online boutique while having a kickass Youtube life, while also looking perfect. I stumbled upon Aspyn three years ago looking up messy bun looks, and since then, I have gone back for many many things. One really cool thing that her and Parker, her husband, is they vlog on a regular basis. I looove vlogs; they actually make up the majority of my viewings. I think I  like them so much because I want to make them someday.

Anyways, check out her channel for beauty, lifestyle, fashion. Whatever, just check it out.

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Alisha Marie

2- AlishaMarie- I will admit that I only recently discovered how awesome Alisha is. She’s super positive and friendly and honestly just like internet best friend that I never talk to but pretend that I do. She’s another Youtuber that vlogs on the daily ( I see a trend starting..) and she also makes really great and funny videos on her main channel. She touches everything from makeup to hacks to funny skits. Check her out for someone who doesn’t make you feel bad for pressing next after the 34th vlog.

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Mia Stammer

3- Mia Stammer- I would really love to meet Mia some day because I think she’d be awesome. She creates really cool videos on her main channel touch on everything, but once again, I really enjoy her vlogs. I think she is just so cute and has such a cute dog and she’s real. I know that not everyone’s perfect, that’s something many vlogggers try to get across, but Mia actually shows that a Youtubers life really isn’t perfect. She’ll sing and dance for us, as well as get real about anxiety. You guys should totally check her out because she’s super cute and so is her Corgi.

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Jessie Paege

4- Jessie Paege- The Mermaid Hair Mom is a wonderful creature that basically budded off of Tumblr. I really wish I could say that I’ve followed her for a while, but I only recently discovered her from Girls Night In. I WISH I had found her sooner, because she is just so sweet and nice and just a generally nice human. She likes memes and MCR and bright colours. She posts vlogs, too and her main content is again, realistic and deep. She isn’t afraid to say she was picked last in gym class s or to geek out once in a while. Check her out from unique and interesting video ideas with lots of colours and Supernatural references.

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Lauren Riihimaki

5- Lauren ¬†Riihimaki- AKA LaurDIY. I’ve watched Lauren for a loooong time. I feel like if we ever met, she would tell me about someone she knows and ¬†I would already know all about them, their instagram and blood type. I can’t remember what brought me to Lauren, but I’m so happy it did. She posts SunDIYs every week and they’re usually dupes for like Urban Outfitters or Anthropology decor iteams, which is fantastic. She’s also Canadian, so represent. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t vlog, but her boyfriend Alex Wassabi does, so she’s in a few of them. I really love Lauren for her creative DIYS and just general happiness that she puts out with every video.

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I made this list of Youtubers because, I watcha wayyy too much Youtube (You think I use this laptop for work??? Wrong. It’s just another screen for Youtube) but also someday, maybe soon, I want to my very own Youtube videos, to accompany this blog. These are the people I look up to and want to be like, should I ever get my butt in gear. I love the content they push out week after week, how open they are with the world, and how they can be themselves.

If you guys think I should do it, leave me some suggestions down below of what content I should make, because this girl has no clue. I also would love to make a vlog channel, so if that’s something you guys would watch, hit up the comments.

And finally, this list was hard to make. Like I said, I watch a hell of a lot of Youtube, and picking just 5 was a challenge. There are so many people out there that I would have loved to mention but that’s just too long of ¬†a post. If I missed someone you think is worth noting, comment down below so that everyone can know more about them!

‘Till Next Time,