Spring 2017 Favourites

Hey everyone! I hope you all are well and enjoying the fresh spring air! I know I am finally! Th snow here seems to have finally started to melt away and I can start think about summer. While I have been enjoying the spring weather, there are still days where it is still winter. Luckily, there are a few thing that I have been really into that are helping combat the winter grey that I’m still feeling.

Coconut Leaves Candle 

Coconut Leaves from Bath and Body Works

This scent is actually my favourite scent from Bath and Body Works. My mom got me this candle like 3 or 4 years ago and they finally brought it back. I went and bought like 200 of them. This candle is the best because it makes me think of my trip last year, where I was sitting in a lounge chair, with salty hair, counting my seashells under a palm tree. Basically, just a tropical vacation in a container. Another really great thing is the colour of the candle really pops in such a dirty grey landscape that is Canada right now.

Coconut Leaves

Furla Frames 

I recently got new frames and I looove this ones. I put them on and I went hell, yes these are mine. Shut up and take my money. I like how they are the perfect mix of feminine and classic, which is exactly what I wanted. The inside is a really pale rose pink that brings out the feminine vibes. It is kinda hard to tell, but there is a little cateye to the frames, which I think is just super cute.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find them online. But I got mine form Costco

Guess Jeans

Guess Jeans

These jeans are so great for spring! They feel fresh and unique and just overall just really awesome jeans. I like to roll them up a little bit to show off my super adorable shoes. I like how they are pretty basic blue jeans, but just the added texture and colour from the patch just makes them so much more fun.

I was unable to find these online as well. I know I’m failing this whole blogging game.

Pretty As A Peach Body Wash

Pretty As A Peach

I really like to, with every new season, give myself a new smell that I go to for that season. This spring, I’m really loving the Pretty As A Peach  smell from Bath and Body Works (I know, another Bath and Body Works product. I need to branch out, I know). I use the body wash on a regular basis in the shower and the bubble bath pretty much whenever I take a bath. I really want to get the spray and the body scrum and the body lotion. Basically, I want it all.

Pretty As A Peach

 Steve Madden Shoes

Steve Madden Shoes

YOU GUYS! I saw these shoes like a month ago at Winners/Marshall’s and I regreted buying them. Like you know the commercial. That was me. So much regret. BUT I went back there earlier this week and the single pair that was left were my size. The fashion Gods blessed me with these shoes. I mean they are different, kinda like a shoe mullet. But sparkly and cute and fantastic.

Another mysterious fashion fin that I can’t seem to find. But I tried to find some similar ones.

Gold  Black Snake

Fishtail Braids 

Spring Outfit

As many of you know, I wear my hair in a braid almost 90% of the time. My hair is out of my face and looks somewhat cute (depending on how crazy my day is going) so it’s my go to. But in the spring time, I like to put my hair in fishtail braids instead of a regular old braid. Honestly though, putting my hair in a fishtail braid is usally hit or miss. Some days it looks super cute and perfect. Other days, I  try  3 or 4 times to get it right and it never works. My tip to perfect fishtail braid is to use as dirty, dry shampoo filled hair as you can manage, like on the verge of three days for me. And lots of texture spray and dry shampoo.

And there we have the things that I have been loving for the new spring season! I have been obviously reaching for fresh and fun products to finally get ride of the winter blues. I am so looking forward to all the snow being gone and I can start wearing sandals and dresses again!!

I hope you all have a great spring and enjoy all the lovely sunshine that’s coming your way! Let me know what you guys are loving from spring time!